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[Playlists] Collaborative Playlist Broken Shuffle

[Playlists] Collaborative Playlist Broken Shuffle


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Multiple (OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, Oneplus 6)

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Multiple (Android Oreo, Android Pie)


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I have a collaborative playlist with 4 four people (me included).

We each take turns to add songs so we keep track who's next and with this we make sure that everyone has the same number of songs on the playlist.

We play the playlist on different phones and also with android auto, always using Shuffle.

One thing we noticed over the time, the phone that's playing rarely plays songs that the owner added, we sometimes get 1 hour car trips without listening to one song that the person that owns the phone added.

This is very frustrating for a feature called "Shuffle".

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Hey @sp_efnj5-1hz.


Thanks for getting in touch!


It seems that you are not the only one with this experience. We are currently investigating this issue so feel free to post here. Don't forget to leave the information that is requested there and to hit the +vote button.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

The issue on the link you provided seems related, but this is specific for collaborative playlist, when there are more users, the issue linked is for one user only.

Hey there @sp_efnj5-1hz


Thanks for clarifying this further.


Just to confirm, is this happening to only one person or generally whoever's device the collaborative playlist is playing on?


If this is occuring for a certain user only, we'd recommend first trying to log out and back in their account to shake things up.


If that doesn't help, could you give us some additional details to troubleshoot this better (for example, did this start occuring after an update etc.)


We'll be keeping an eye on your reply!

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It's happening to whoever's device the collaborative playlist is playing on.


This started since we started the collaborative playlist, back in May.

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