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Playlists dont finish synching

Playlists dont finish synching

Well, I try to synch my playlists and about half the songs get skipped then I try undownloading then downloading again to no avail. How do I get them ALL to download? It's irritating because if I'm playing a downloaded playlist off of 4G and it plays the undownloaded songs in it its using my data.
Thanks for any help!
5 Replies

I've got this same issue. It's not a space issue, and it's a brand enw isntall of the latest version.  It's like msot palylists get to ~90% then just stop syncing.

Exactly my issues... And the stupid thing is it will download new songs that I occasionally put in the playlist but not the rest.

Yeah, but it's not songs that are at the very end of a list for me too. For example, I just made a new playlist the other day. Synced it to my phone for car use. ONE SONG in the middle of the playlist would not sync.

Yeah mine are completely scattered. It only screws up with my bigger playlists with 100's of songs though.

Same problem 😞


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