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Playlists gone from profile on Android

Playlists gone from profile on Android

Note3.  All upgrades.


Trided to clear cache. Tried to reinstal app.


In my profile there is 0 playlists. They are all available as normal on the PC.


I am able to search for the title of the playlist, and then play them.  Funny thing, I am listed as the owner of them play lists, still the app reports that I have 0 playlists.


What is wrong?

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Sounds like you logged in with the wrong credentials. Try logging out and back in, makin sure to log in with your facebook credentials ot username, whichever is correct.

Cleared cache. Logged out. Logged in with face.


Cleaed cache. Logged out. Logged in with email and password.


Uninstalled app.


Reinstalled app.


Cleared cache. Logged out. Logged in with face.


Cleaed cache. Logged out. Logged in with email and password.


Still no playlists.  But searching for them, I found them. And I could play them.


I even found that Spotify has adviced users to log in with their "spotify user name" back in 2012. Problem is, I do not have one.  I only have a long user number on Spotify, but cannot log in with that. Not with my password, and there is no way, thay I could find, that I could generate any "Spotify user name". Pressing account only forwards me to face.


I did all this, before ever posting any post on this forum. Including a google search, and a forum search.


So no.  No issues what so ever with credentials.  I use the same log in as I have used on my mobile for more than a year.


And my not shared playlists are available if I search for them, which they should not have been, if the log in was incorrect.


This is a bug.  No doubt about that. I have a work around, but will leave Spotify, if my playlists are not available by normal means on my mobile phone.

Could you post a link to one of those playlists please? What username is shown on this page?

Figured it out.


The music and playliste are moved to "your music", and the profile shows as it would for other users.  Not what I expected.


Using the web player made this more intuitive.  Since there, I ended up checking that link.


Not an intuitive interface design. How could I now that the profile would show what other user would see viewing my profile? If this is done on purpose, the genius who made this design change, should run some test on actual user behavior. This is not what i common for a user profile.  Infact, it is the first time I have seen this, so it did not occur to me, that some one would do anything like this. That is why I did not bother to look for "your music".


This is what happens using genius design, rather than user oriented design.



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