Playlists keep getting un-downloaded

Playlists keep getting un-downloaded

I have Premium Family. My daughter & husband haven't had any trouble but my playlists all got un-downloaded. I am fairly new to Spotify so I may be(probably am) doing something wrong but 2 hrs after I made my payment on Sept 2nd all of my playlists quit working, none of the songs will play & I can't even get it to start downloading again. I even tried to switch over to offline mode, wouldn't work. Idk what to do but I really need this fixed, I haven't been this long without my music since I opened my Spotify acct.. I'm going crazy😬
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Hi ceysky.

Are you connected to WiFi?

There is an option in Settings > Music Quality > Dowload Using Cellular > Move the switch to on. Is OFF by default,


If this does not resolve the problem, try to do it in a computer, if it worked this way, then the problem might be the app, try to uninstall it 😉 Hope it works.

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