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Playlists reverting to "clean" song versions

Playlists reverting to "clean" song versions

Hey everyone, is there a way to stop Spotify from changing my playlists to the clean versions of songs? When looking at the title they still display the explicit tag but when played about half of them have the god awful censor. Some updates of Spotify do not seem to have this issue but the current version does, and I'd rather not have to manually remove and readd every effected song since that seems to be the only "fix."

Mainly it seems to affect Godsmack on my lists, but Spotify shouldn't be touching any playlist. Also I've seen how apps like twilight break the menu, what kind of spaghetti code is being used if one update works fine and the next doesn't?

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Hey @thewhitemexican


Check out the support article on this topic:


"In rare cases, an error or a change in licensing agreements may have occured making the explicit version unavailable. The tracks may be re-linked to the "clean" version temporarily while we fix things."

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This issue is still around. 

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