Playlists *without* added "Radio" mixed-in?


Playlists *without* added "Radio" mixed-in?


I've been using Spotify Premium on Android for about 5 months.  In all of that time, I can't understand how to do the simplest of things...


I want to play my playlists WITHOUT Spotify adding in their extra "Radio" tracks (adding different songs inspired by my playlist).


I'm currently running Android (most recent version shown as of today 7/10/2013).  I notice that lately, even if I try to put Spotify in "Offline" mode, even this will not restrict Spotify to play my playlists alone (without adding the "Radio" songs).


I spent an hour searching Google/Spotify Forums -- perhaps I'm using the wrong keywords, but I can't be the only person that is confused as to how they can play their intended playlists?!


Thank you in advance :-)




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Re: Playlists *without* added "Radio" mixed-in?

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Hiya. I'm a bit confused so bear with me. You create a playlist containing a number of tracks then you download or synch the playlist to your mobile device. You select the playlist on your mobile and tap one of the tracks to start playing. It will then play that track and the remaining tracks in your playlist. It doesn't play anything else. 


The only way you will have the sort of result you are describing is if you select radio then one of the stations shown there.


Am I misunderstanding something? If so, please go step by step through what you are selecting and what happens, thanks.