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Please go online to connect to Spotify (Android)

Please go online to connect to Spotify (Android)








Xperia Z5 Premium Dual (E6883)


Operating System

Android 7.1.1


My Question or Issue

Two days ago, i set my Android phone Spotify to "Offline" as i'm using metered connection which i wish to just listen to songs that i downloaded before for my vacation. However, out of sudden (today), i can't open Spotify at my Android phone, further more it's being logout and request me to login. After my attempt to login, i got message below:


Showing "You are currently set to offline", "Please go online to connect to Spotify" with both button "Connect" and "Cancel".


But when i click "Connect", it's always revert back to the same error and messages as above as well.


In short, i CAN'T LOGIN to Spotify regardless any method(s) i tried below.


I confirmed the following scenario is clear from my problem:

1. I confirmed i'm able to sign in to my Spotify account using laptop (Windows 10, chrome) and playing song using Web Player.

2. I confirmed i'm able to still using my Spotify account with offline mode at my Spotify Windows 10 (program)

3. Despite the incident, i had restart my Android phone

4. Despite the incident, i had clear Android phone Spotify cache

5. Despite the incident, i had connect to strong and stable Wi-Fi and open Spotify app again but still the same luck

6. I had logged in my account via browser and remove "offline devices" and yet still the same.

7. I'm confirmed that my subscription is working (premium) and double check with receipt, subscription history and etc.

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Hey @iamjaychong,


Welcome to the community! 


Could you try giving the app a reinstall? This should help give Spotify a little refresh and hopefully get you back online. Just as a heads up, you will need to redownload your offline tunes - so it's best to try this when you're somewhere with WiFi. 


Let us know how it goes, 


Just encountered the same bug. LG G6 EU version, up-to-date firmware.


Please fix your app, just solved the song redownloading issue to get my app totaly unusable by another bug in few days, which is very frustrating. And making me consider to cancel my subscription.

Hey @M4lcolm,


Sorry to hear that, could you try giving your app a reinstall as well?  Before doing the reinstall it's also worth heading to your Offline Devices page on your account overview and clicking 'Remove All Devices'. This'll make sure everything is completely fresh. 


Let us know if that helps!


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