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Please tell us how to get the old app back

Please tell us how to get the old app back

Using an Atrix 4G, old app was golden, never had a problem.


My playlists won't sync. On the same Wifi it was syncing on just yesterday before I made the mistake of updating.


If anyone knows how to get the old app back let me know, any help would be apprciateed.


Problems I've seen so far, no landscape mode, essential for car dock. Playlists don't sync, the whole point of the mobile app.


Who tested this app?


Things I like about the new app:


Literally nothing.


any help would be appreciated, I understand you will work out the bugs, but unless you plan on prorating my account while you do this please help me get the old app back asap

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An old app is still here (version

Thanks, I was able to find it, and posted a brief tutorial on this page to help people who want to revert back.

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