Plus sign, Heart, Thumbs up

Plus sign, Heart, Thumbs up


I find the Spotify interface to be a tremendous pain!  And it OFTEN does not respond like I expect.  For something that costs $120/yr for millions of users, why isn't there a guideline document?


Anyway, does anyone have an explanation for why I sometimes see a Plus sign and sometimes a heart, and sometimes thumbs up/down?  What ARE those doing?

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yes, there should me a document explaining, especially after all the changes they've done to this functions (found out from reading a lot of help tickets).

I was considering migrating to Spotify Premium from Google Play Music, but the like/plus/heaert/thumbs situation feels so flacky, inconsistent across devices and almost non-sense, it just creates frustration, so I won't consider Spotify.
And there's no explanation anywhere.

FYI: I tried Spotify on my Android, web player (chrome and firefox) and the Linux app.

Pure frustration!

I have found Spotify to be a little like Apple/iPhone/iPod, in that it
seems to be the leader in manufacturer integration with their hardware. I
am NOT an Apple person, but store my music on an iPod, because my receiver,
and many other devices, will interface with an iPhone/iPod directly.
Likewise, my Yamaha receiver, my Roku, even my TV will all act as "devices"
to receive Spotify music from my Android phone. And those interfaces are
generally flawless, and even surprising (e.g., when I start music on my
phone and "send" it to my receiver, I can then turn off my phone's WiFi or
Bluetooth connection and the receiver's built in app is actually doing the
data transfer on the WiFi.

Point being, Spotify is a pain in some ways, but has done some things quite
well. And, truthfully, where possible I am reducing how much Google knows
about me!

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