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Huawei P20 Pro

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Android 9


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I'm trying to playback podcasts in the order they were released.


I've ordered by date which has helped, but I find that it often goes back to Episode 1, which is frustrating especially when this happens while driving.


I'd expect it to go to the next episode in order if possible as a default behaviour.


If a fix isn't possible anytime soon, is there a workaround? Do I have to listen to each of the 14 hour-long episodes to mark them as read so that the app will correctly detect that it should not play them?


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Hi, I'm using my phone to play podcasts over Bluetooth in my car, but I can't get Spotify to stop playing the newest episode of a series immediately every time the car starts up. Before the newest update it would play the episode I was already listening to from where I stopped it last. Is there a way to return to this?

Hey @jont999 and @JulieC817,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


There have been some changes made to Podcasts in the last update for the Android app (Spotify version 8.4.90) - make sure to check out this thread here.


Could you see if updating the app to the latest version fixes the issue?


If not, then could you confirm for us if this is only happening when you are connected to another device via Bluetooth, and if so, is it only when connecting to your car multimedia system? Make sure to provide the make and model of the multimedia system if this is the case.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your replies.

I am having the same issue, Peter,  however when I tried to click on the link provided, I received an error saying I had insufficient privileges to perform the action. Is this simply an error on my end? If not, what's causing it?

Hey @Battle_Fader - help's here!


Apologies, the link I included in my last reply has since expired.


You can now find the solution to this here.


Any questions, let us know.




With the most recent update my account has started doing this as well. I'm trying to listen to a podcast from oldest to newest. This has never been a problem before, but all of a sudden it just goes to the newest episode every time. I gave up and listened to the newest episode, and now it just tries to play the new episode over and over again. So if I listen to the new episode, it just starts over. 

On a side note, with the new update my account does not want to cooperate with my alexa.

I'm having the same issues. It's really frustrating having to scroll thru hundreds of episodes each time I want to return where I left off.

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