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Pop Up UI who else is irratated by it?

Pop Up UI who else is irratated by it?

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Whoever designed the Spotify UI needs to reevaluate their love for popups.


I don't wanna see the pop-up of there is Spotify being used in another device. I freaking know it. I just wanna change the song that is playing. 


Also I don't need to be reminded of ok I can cast with "okay Google" rather than clicking cast from phone, EVERY single time. Have you ever stopped to think about accessibility?? What if I can't speak like everyone else????


Worst thing is I cannot even silence those popups any way. It it irritaied to an extent that I am logging in support ticket and thinking of moving away from Spotify for good to a company that cares for all of it's users. 


Hire some UX experts please and they will tell you why popups are bad idea for everything.


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