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Pop-up notification Locked Screen

Pop-up notification Locked Screen

Hello people.
I have a question about the pop-up notification of spotify working on the Huawei P8 upgraded to 5.0 Android version. If is it possible to see the notifications about the artist or the song that are playing on this device?
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I have a similar question. I have a Huawei P8 with Android 5.0.5 and EMUI 3.1. But I do not see the controls (pause, next song, previous song...) on the lock screen, so for changing a song or for pausing the music I have to unlock the device. ¿Is it any way of having such controls on the lock screen?


I found this using Google search. No idea if it works.

"Start Settings and select Energy saving, scroll down to Protected apps and find the app you have a problem getting notifications from and make it run even as the screen is off. You can also set all apps to run or not run as screen is off by the menu button at the bottom."

Thanks for your answer Joe

I had done what you say, but no luck. 


Hi man!


I've found a solution. Pop-up notification on the lock screen are not supported for Android 5.0. If you had upgraded your Android's version to the last one, you can abilitate the pop-up notification on the lock screen. 


Hope it will be usefull! 😄

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