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Premium User, connected to the internet...Spotify is offline, HELP!

Premium User, connected to the internet...Spotify is offline, HELP!

Before anthying, I did go through the help forums, for a couple of hours (which is an insane amount of time to spend trying to figure out why this is happening to me, IMO), I read as much as my sanity would allow me and found NOTHING of use...this community is great and all, but its terrible customer service. no phone number to call directly to Spotify, nothing. 

Enough bitching...Ive been a premium user for a couple of months, and til now, I've had no problem whatsoever, in fact I've been going about preaching how great Spotify is, still think so, but today...for no reason at all, Spotify went offline on my phone and its been that way all day (i have 4G, and am able to connect wirelessly at work, and I tried at my place's wireless connection as well). I did not change anything on the settings, didnt get a new update, nothing...everything was great last night, this morning as I tried to listen to some music that I had not already downloaded into a playlist, it appeared to work normally when all of a sudden the album names/tracks went blank and have not been able to play any music other than the tracks ive downloaded into a playlist (said playlist is in offline mode, if this helps).

I truly appreciate any help I get from you guys, truly i do....but it would be even more awesome if i could just speak directly to someone who'd be able to help me right away...

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