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Premium change to shuffle only on android

Premium change to shuffle only on android


So I've had Premium for Students for ages and today something stange happened, suddently i'm able to play on shuffle mode only everything I haven't downloaded, even stranger when i enter an artist page it's all blank except for the big green button saying "shuffle play".

Yes, I double checked my account and found that i actually am a premium user, my subscription will be update on 10/7 and next year i'll have to confirm i'm still a student.

Yes, I checked the "now playing" screen and disabled the suffle option.

No I don't have two accounts nor I logged in via facebook as I don't have facebook

Even when picking a not-downloaded album listened as early as this morning my only option is to play it on shuffle mode

I already searched and found multiple thread on this issue on this forum and tried things suggested here but nothing changed and i'm still stuck




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Same for me. So frustrating 

Hey @user-removed and @philHosopher,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We are aware of an issue with the app and are currently investigating it. Feel free to contribute in this topic where we gather information from affected users and keep everybody up-to-date. Be sure to comment or subscribe in the topic to get notifications. We'll get this sorted as soon as possible.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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