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Premium download issues

Premium download issues

So I don't know if it started when I updated the app or not, I had all the music at the time downloaded, the update finished, and I had to re-download everything. Updated it again since then and again, had to re-download the music. Ever since then because of how much music I have saved I can't download it all in one go because I don't have wifi all the time. Anyway, because I don't have all the music downloaded it won't let me listen to what did download offline. What's going on here? My subscription is current for the time being. Should it have deleted the music when it updated? Next time should I let it all download at once? Thanks in advance.
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Hi @Powellbr, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We suggest taking a look at here. This could explain the reason for this to happen.


Let us know how that goes and if you have more questions.

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