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Prev button

Prev button

I want to ask if there is a way to stop the "go to beginnig of the song" behaviour of the prev button, since it is really annoying.


and while yoou're at it, can you please add a prev button in the statusbar???

2 Replies

1. It is the default behaviour of all music apps. Double press it to go back.

2. There is one. Make sure you expand the notification fully, by dragging it out with two fingers. (Two finger zoom out on the notification).



it is NOT the default of all music apps, or you can turn it off, one example is poweramp...

ok, didnt notice it, since most players with the ability to expand notification com up as full (like Poweramp)

#-> I'd rather have the back button also in small widget then the kill button...

some players can set that (like PlayerPro)

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