Privacy and Tracking


Privacy and Tracking

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Hello folks!

I'm using Spotify Premium for Android and Windows. But what really makes me sick, is that the Spotify Android App uses 13 trackers that records behavior, spy's and shares data with thirdparty companies.

Everyone can read this at:





Google Crashlytics


Google Doubleclick


Google Firebase Analytics

Google Ads



Facebook Login

Facebook Analytics


It whould be great, if the developers remove these tracking softwareparts for paying users.

Please provide an appversion without these "things". 





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Yeah, its ridiculous that you pay for a monthly subscription and they still want to track you everywhere you go and harvest your data. I thought it would be safer to just stream through a browser instead of using the app but they won't let you do that unless you disable all security features.


I'm so sick of these tech companies and their creepy obsession with spying on everyone they can. Trying to convince the family to just cancel our plan


Hey @tuenn05 and @therealmilsky,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


We would like to reassure you we take the upmost care and protecting your privacy and personal data. That's why we've created this Support Article on what your Data rights are and how you can change your privacy settings. There you can also learn how to obtain a copy of all your personal data if you wish to do so.


Hope this shines a bit of light on the matter. We'll be here if you have any other questions.

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Casual Listener

Thanks for your response.

There is still no way, to use a Android Spotify version without 12 trackers.

I don't want to share my data with these companies.

Also deactivated the "Facebook Data" and "Personal Advertisements" in my privacy options.

But my smartphone still connects to advertising and datacollection companies.

There should be a version, without these things.


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(Corrected the tracker count)


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This is an after-the-fact solution and it depends completely on Spotify honoring it's agreement to behave in a specific manner. Sorry, but I just don't have a lot of faith in tech companies when it comes to respecting people's privacy or doing what they say they'll do.


There's no good reason to include a bunch of trackers (especially Facebook trackers) in an app used by subscribers who are already paying a monthly fee. It's not like Spotify needs to do data collection to generate revenue from those people. It would be better to have a 'free' version of the app with all the ads and spyware and a 'paid' version for subscribers that excludes that stuff.