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Problem connecting Chromecast (2015) with Samsung S6

Problem connecting Chromecast (2015) with Samsung S6



I have the Chromecast (2015) and the Samsung S6. When i try to connect Spotify on my S6 to the Chromecast, the S6 recognize my Chromecast and try to connect. The Spotify logo appears on my TV, but after some seconds trying to connect, my TV shows an message that says that was impossible to log in.


Thank you for you kind help!



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Have you tried unplugging the chromecast for a few seconds and restarting your phone?

Just to confirm, this is definitely a second gen chromecast correct?
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Yes i tried unplugging the chromecast and to restart my phone too. But i got the same result! 😞


And the chromecast that i have is a second generation... 🙂


Thank you!


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