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Problem with offline download

Problem with offline download

I put beforehand that I have premium spotify. In my spotify library, until a few weeks ago, I had about 1500 songs in "songs". One day, I was listening music with android but there was also my father connected with my account from pc, also listening to music. Spotify warns I was using the same account on more than one device, so it removed the offline version of all songs/playlist from my spotify account. I've tried to re-download them on my smartphone, to have them offline, but when I do it, all the songs are downloaded on my smartphone internal memory. It has never happened before. Before, I downloaded the songs and them don't take up internal memory or sd memory. How can I resolve it?

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What android version are you using? Can you change the storage location in spotify settings (towards the bottom)?


I'm using the armV7 

It works with SD storage but, if i take out the SD memory, when i put it back, I would find the offline song as I left them? Offline, i mean. Or every time i put out/in the SD memory I would download all the songs again?

If you launch spotify with the SD card removed, it will reset to internal storage and you will lose the downloads on your SD card. So, before removing the SD card, make sure spotify is not running then ejct the card in android settings. Do not run spotify until the card has been reinserted.

Ok, i got it 🙂
Now it seems to work with SD. I was confused, because before (two weeks ago) I was using spotify with internal storage and it works well...

Glad I could help 🙂

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