Problem with skipping songs in new Android app

Problem with skipping songs in new Android app

I am using the new Spotify Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus. The app looks great and has a much better interface than previous versions.


However, I do have an annoying problem. I often put a playlist in 'shuffle'-mode, and when I'm finished listening to a song I will skip through songs at a rather fast pace until I find another song that I like to listen. So I browse/skip (don't know what the correct word would be) through songs by swiping over the album covers.


In the new app, when I stop skipping songs because I see a song that I like, the app will often not start playing that song, but some other song (often the previous one, sometimes the next one and sometimes it seemes like a completely random other song). This mostly happens when I skip through songs at a fast pace, but does also occur when I do it more slowly.


I find it rather annoying, as it makes it hard to select a new song to play. Is this a bug, or something that will be solved in a new update? Or is there something I can do to solve this?



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