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Problem with the menu

Problem with the menu

Hey everyone, yesterday i had support guys change my playlists from my old account to a new one, they said today were going to delete my old account, but they deleted my new account instead, they quickly brought it back and deleted the old one apologizing for the mistake, but when i entered the app on my Android and iPad, i had the old menu with the left sliding task bar, instead of the new one with the bar on the bottom, i clean instaled it on both devices and i keep getting this old version, i asked my friends and told me they had the new one, so... Can anybody help me? :v
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Hey @BrunoCL97, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We’d like to know a bit more about what’s happening. Can you let us know what’s the exact device, operating system and version of Spotify you’re using? We’ll see what we can suggest.

We’ll be waiting for your answer.

Oh sorry
My Spotify used to look like they 1st image, then, tech support guy deleted and brought back muy account, now everytime i log in onto the Spotify app, i have the 2nd image interface.
I have clean installed it on Android and iOS and i still get this older version

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