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Problems with Spotify and eTeknix homepage

Problems with Spotify and eTeknix homepage

When I'm listening to music and browsing the site the song always stops after a while and the player closes down.
I doesn't give me any crash report or anything.

If anyone else got the same problem, it would be great to know.
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Most likely the problem is caused by RAM running out on your device. As the website is loaded into RAM, the OS sees that there is a lack of RAM, and tries to counteract it by closing applications running in the background.

For further troubleshooting, it would help if you provide information about the device you are using Spotify on.

Haha I totally forgot to add info!
I'm using a Sony Xperia Z2 and this problem just recently occurred.
My dad also have a Xperia Z2 and when I ran Spotify and surfed on eteknix, Spotify did not close down.

Try closing other recently used apps. Other than that, haven't found any other solution. FYI, my Moto G is notorious for doing this, and can't be fixed.

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