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Problems with upgrading on premium


Problems with upgrading on premium

I've upgraded my account to the premium proposal and i'm still unable to use the spotify aplication on my "smart" phone. It's still saying to me that I've to upgrade...


Well, i've tried to uninstall and then install again the application on my computer/android ... does not work at all !


Any idea / help / joke ?


Sorry for my frenchienglish !


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Hi everyone - We're truly sorry for the inconvenience some users experienced yesterday as there was a delay in the upgrade to accounts. 


The good news is things should all be back to normal. If you're still not receiving Premium after a quick sign out/ sign let me know.

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Same here. Upgraded and it still says I am running the Free version but on my account page it says it's Premium.

Yep... And my stupid ipod has definitively died... Forever Alone Without Music At All ????



i also upgraded to premium and my pc says i am am premium but when looking at my iPhone it still says 'account not premium' it makes me kinda pist off cause i paid but cant do anything.

the point on upgrading to premium. The app crashes on all mobile devices and Spotify refuses to address this issue.

I know many people that have canceled their premium account and went to unlimited

I am having the same issue, does mobile streaming not work?



I put a note in about this yesterday. I've paid for the Premium version, have received a reciept however am still only getting the free version. This is causing me lots of problems as I use the mobile version and cannot log into it.





EDIT - I have received the receipt via email but whenever I try to view them online I get a Error 500 message.

Hi everyone-- So it seems you're all experiencing slight different issues here.


stellamars & fujione- I can see that the Premium upgrades have gone through succesfully on both your accounts.  Please shut down your Spotify app and log back in using your Facebook details. 


vinc1994- You've made two accounts on our system. Your 'vinc1994' had 48 hour Premium trial only. The second account  is linked to your Facebook and had a one month gift card. That expired on 29 March.


If you'd like to continue using Premium, please log into your subscripton page (using your 'vinc1994' username) and upgrade from there. 


trashguy - I can see the upgrade has also gone through on your account. Log out and log in with your 'trashguy' username (not your email). 


rhylan - Your case is a bit different. I've got an email headed your way with some more instructions. 



Thanks for that, it's all working now. Cheers 🙂

I'm having the same problem! i've uninstallled it and i've shut down my phone! What else is there to do>!

Hi Erik2024 - Yesterday our servers were just being a bit slow in upgrading accounts to Premium. Everything should be working as normal now. 


Please do a quick sign out/ sign in if you haven't already. If you're then still having problems please let us know.



Hi Meredith,


I am also experiencing this problem. I was a "free" user who had the 48hr mobile trial. I have since upgraded to Premium via the Spotify website. My account details page verifies I am a premium user, however this is not registering on my mobile device.


All tracks are still greyed out stating "this track is only available to premium users".


EDIT: I have tried everything from uninstalling/installing the app, re-logging in, changing my facebook password and still to no avail.






I'm having this same issue.  After the 48 hours updated to premium and when I try to play a song it asks me to upgrade to premium.  I have uninstalled the app and re-installed, shut down the app and signed back


I've got the same issue. Account page says I have an active premium account, Android app claims I need a premium account to play songs.

can you please help me.  I have been having the same issues as many I think and currently experiencing.  Android app wont work to listen to on demand tracks


username :1245947217



Hi everyone- Things should be up and running for you now. 


Please do a quick sign out/ sign in. If you're still having any trouble let me know. 

I have this problem too.

Just downloaded spotify and bought Premium... but the app still say I'm using Free. Afraid I've upgraded twice now...


Fix this for me, Spotify!

I am having this issue. any help would be appreciated. tried everything i can think of.

Thank you


I upgraded to premium because I needed to play a specific playlist off my phone for an event. Its shows i'm premium on the website but not my phone so it won't let me access the playlist. I need this fixed asap!

I purchased premium today, and got a receipt. After purchasing it I downloaded the Spotify app and logged in. It recognizes my account and shows my playlists. However, when I try to play then it tells me that I do not have a premium account and cannot play on mobile. Help!?

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