Queue on Android bugged

Queue on Android bugged







Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System

Android Oreo

My Question or Issue

(This only happens on my phone). When I'm looking at the queue, the wrong song name is quite often displayed. 90% of the time it shows the name of a song next to it or very near it in the queue. For example, my queue can often look like this:


Next From: (Playlist)

-Song A

-Song A

-Song B

-Song C

-Song C


However, when the song is moved to Next in Queue-it displays the actual song.


So for example, I may move Song C into Next in Queue and it will actually turn out to be Song D or Song B. This can make it really hard to queue the songs I want to listen to.


I have attached two photos which better present what I'm trying to say.

As you can see in the first picture I have two "OJPL"s and in the second picture, I've moved one of them which then turns into "Pink + White".

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