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Quiting my subscription

Quiting my subscription

I will not pay for your Android app support until you update the app. It is crap, clunky, and almost unusable. Yes I can create play list, but it is not intuitive. I had to hold click, double tap and mainly try anything I could just to make a play list. And what with no support for Radio?


I listen to this on the go, I really do not want to be looking down to find a new some or find a playlist to listen to. I would like to select radio off of a specific song I like and let it go.


Also with it kicking me off of my freaking devices everytime I do somethiing...I guess wrong is really annoying. And when you say 3 devices, I should be able to be logged into 3 devices at a time. Not one device and if someone logs in with another device it kicks me out.


If you going up play playist for mobile devices make it easier to manage the playlist and add songs to specific playlist. If I am listening to a song I like after searching for it and I want to star it, I can not just star it from the list of songs. No, I have to click now playing and then click the star button. Then if I want to add it to a play list I have to go back to the list of songs and tap hold, add to play list. I should be able to click an add button to the side of the song that I have searched for (or artist), second prompt allows me to choose between a list of playlist I would like to add it to, or a new one.


I am really frustrated with your product, love the free desktop version, Love it!! Listen to it all of the time and has stopped me from downloading music like your adds say. I want to support your product by paying for it, and listening to your ads also, but I will not pay for an app that is not updated and for an app that is half usable at best.

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You should give the Android Preview a shot. It's SO much better:

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