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Radio Missing

Radio Missing

With the most recent update it looks like the Playlist Radio and Artist Radio options are missing. Anyone else see this?

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Yeah I’m having the same issue, it doesn’t make sense to me. Someone told me that the “This is...” artist selection was the same as radio, but when I started skipping it was still the same artist. They need to bring radio back ASAP

It says here, "Spotify Radio has been removed from the free, ad-supported service on mobile. To hear the perfect line-up of tracks at the touch of a button, check out Daily Mix.".

That's just awful! I started using Spotify because it was so much easier to use on mobile than Pandora, and I almost exclusively use the Radio. It looks like I'll have to switch services for the remainder of writing my dissertation. I can't really justify paying for Spotify Premium when I can get good background music from Pandora.

We get something close to Radio with the playlists from Spotify. Just search for songs/artists/albums and scroll down to the playlist inspired by the search target. You can add it your Library by hearting it. 

This is what I have done as an alternative:


Find the song for which you want

Select "add to a playlist" 

Name your playlist whatever you want

Go to your playlist (there's only one song) and select Shuffle Play

Since it's non-premium, it won't **just** play your song


cumbersome but better than not having any radio at all

I have tried your way and found it lacking. Some of the songs added by the algorithm did not go together with the seed song. The way I shared earlier is better. Besides being convenient, the songs in the playlist seem to have been added by humans. I haven't had to dismiss any song in the playlist. 

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