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Radio Stations arent working as described....

Radio Stations arent working as described....







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Radio Stations recently changed functionality. However even the new described functionality is not working for me. I create a station and it downloads a 50 song playlist typically (I do not like this at all). I have the following issue:

  • When I reach the end of the playlist it just stops. If I hit play or next it goes to first song again. Yes I have AutoPlay ON. Very frustrating as I cant get classic radio or thumb up or down songs. 

Feedback for this feature:

  •  How is this benefiting the end user? Having a static playlist that does not refresh on its own so every time I play that station its the same 50 songs?  If I want to hear new music I need to go manually go to the end of the playlist before I play it every time? (although that doesnt work for me either)
  • How do you enable people to discovery similar music with a static playlist? 




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Hey there @DiazEA,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


We've recently made some changes to the way Radio works. This would explain why you're seeing Radio playlists with a certain amount of tracks or why the thumbs up/down buttons are missing.


You can find out more info regarding these changes at this Community thread.


Further, if you have any feedback about the new Radio, as with any new feature, we'd still like to know. Just head over to the relevant thread here and leave your feedback as a comment in the thread. We'll make sure we pass it on to the right folks.


However, if you'd like to launch an infinite Radio with thumbs up/down buttons based on a particular Artist, you can head to that Artist's profile page from the Android app. Tapping on the Artist Radio section beneath the Popular section on their profile page should launch a Radio with these options.


Hope this helps clarify things!

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Thanks for your reply. However, my "radio stations" do not continue to play after I reach the end of playlist and I do have AutoPlay enabled. Is there something else I can check??

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