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Radio icon missing on phone app

Radio icon missing on phone app

Anyone know why my radio icon is missing from the spotify app on my samsung s8 phone? The only options i have are playlists, home and search. If i log on on my laptop it is there but i need it on my phone. I havr uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it is still missing. Thanks 

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It's an A/B test as discussed here.

Thanks for that i have spent days trying to sort it out. So annoying as i loved the radio icon it was the only thing i used, so frustrating i cant acess it now on my phone arhhhhhh. 

That's great and all...but how do you make radio stations now... Are they just the inspired by playlist's now? They really have no information out about this change and it's freaking annoying... I used to love Spotify... Now I'm considering leaving because of this... Don't know it's coming... And no way to down vote the stupid ideas... I went free usus a few months back due to financial constraints...but this will most likely spell a permanent end to Spotify for me...and as they say, good run while you had it Spotify... RIP.

I would like to know this too. I had a ton of radio stations that i really liked, and now i can't listen to them on mobile while I'm driving. They are still on my desktop app, so that's good. I really wish they wouldn't have removed that feature from mobile. 

Bring back radio on mobile. Think about it... Radio... Mobile is used in the car with a radio... Does this not makes sense to you Spotify... We want variety that we don't have too go sourcing ourselves. You created the ai...let us use it. 

"The new interface looks much friendlier and easier to navigate." ---Not worth losing the radio option. Why dumb it down. Bring it back, please!

It used to automatically switch to radio when my playlist had run all the way through...nice Way to keep the music going with stuff inspired by that playlist.  Now that’s gone.  I used to have a Spotify generated radio playlist I could automatically play, too. Now that’s gone, too.  Please keep removing more features and then ask me why I don’t bother paying you guys for the monthly subscription.

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