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Random White Screen Keeps Popping Up

Random White Screen Keeps Popping Up

Ever since I connected Facebook to my account I keep getting this annoying white screen that pops up then goes away after about a second. This happens about every 5 seconds. How the heck do I fix this short of reinstalling every time I want to use the app?

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Sounds like the Facebook authorisation screen. Can you try cleaning data in the Facebook app and logging back in again?

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I have the same problemand I don't have a facebook app on my tablet.

I can confirm it's happening on my tablet too. Every few seconds a white pop up blanks the screen with a spinner in the centre then disappears. 

i get the white connection screen as well and it's driving me CRAZY! I swear if I can't fix this asap, I'm just switching streaming apps. It's killing my workout. It literally plays songs I've never even HEARD of. Whose songs ARE these?!? HATE. IT.

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