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Random cutting in and out offline and online modes

Random cutting in and out offline and online modes

I have tried reinstalling the app from scratch many times Sometimes it doesn't do it for a bit but always keeps doing it I have a galaxy s4 anybody else experiencing this issue?
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Could you explain what you mean by cutting in and out? Is the music pausing and you need to do something to make it resume or what? Are yyou listening through the speaker, earphones, bluetooth?

It randomly just simply cuts out for a few seconds then resumes playing the song does not pause it still says it's playing on Spotify. It happens when connected to Bluetooth audio and without Bluetooth audio

Is this happening when streaming via the mobile network or WiFi (or in offline playlists)?

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What android vesion are you using and could you see if the same thing happens with the stock music player.

Mine has started doing this as well (last couple of days). However, mine is with downloaded music.


I've also noticed it "speeds up" randomly on some songs (you can tell the tempo is wrong, as they sound like the chipmunks!)


Anyone else having these problems? I'm on the premium account, but I'm considering cancelling it - cos at the moment its doing my head in when it keeps doing that 😕


@youradds Could you try the troubleshooting tips.

Thanks - will give that a go. I don't tend to use it unless I'm in my car - so wont know if its made a difference until I do my next journey 🙂





I'm experiencing this issue as well and I have an Iphone 5. It will play a track or two than just randomly stop? Really annoying, especially when you are responsible for the music at a party. Pretty embarressing to say the least. 

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