Random pausing on Android app

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Last summer, I posted a thread about my Spotify app randomly pausing my (downloaded for offline listening) music. This happens only on the Android app, and does so on heaphones and bluetooth. (I assume also speakers, but I only listen to music on my phone for extended periods using headphones or my car's Bluetooth)


The original thread was closed because some people said their issue had been solved. 


Mine has not. It's been going on since this past summer, and nothing that has been suggested, and no updates that have come down the line, have fixed the issue. Given all of this, and the fact that it's been going on for so long, you can probably imagine how maddening this is for me. 

Below, I've pasted and then answered the series of questions left by a staff member to give the fullest sense of my situation here:

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8

Version of Android (Are you running the latest version?)

Version of Spotify: armV7

Connection type: Both, but virtually all songs I play on my phone are downloaded.

Have you logged out of all devices?

Do you use an SD Card? (If so, have you formatted it?)
Yes, it's been formatted

Do you have enough memory available? (Internal or External/SD card)
I have plenty of space in both types of memory

Does this happen when listening offline too?
Almost exclusively.

Are you running any other apps in the foreground which could be causing this?
I have Twilight, but I have also disabled it for Spotify

Can you test playing in offline mode (if possible), to see that it's not paused by low bandwidth streaming?
That is pretty much the only mode I use. I download my playlists I usually listen to onto my phone, and play from there to save data for things like navigation.

Have you covered all the initial trouble-shooting steps? E.g. reinstall, restart the app, check your operating system's up-to-date?
Yes, I had another thread I started last July or August, when I started noticing the issue. I went through all of the troubleshooting steps suggested to me, and I'm still having the issue.

Check you're not using your device's battery-saving mode
This was happening out of any battery-saving mode, and I've turned off battery optimizing for Spotify, as was suggested to me last summer.

Check you're not using any cache-clearing or power-saving apps
I don't have any of those.

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Yeah I've been having this problem for a few days now.  I open the app and it just hangs with a black screen and the icons at the bottom but I can't tap on any of the icons then I get a forced shutdown window. It does this more often than not.


Spotify - Please fix ASAP.  I'm paying premium for something I can't use. 

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Mine does open, though, it's just that at random intervals, the music will pause. Apart from getting really annoying by now, it's also a problem when I'm driving in my car, since unless I have the view with the large play button, it takes up some attention to restart the music.