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Re: Spotify takes forever to load and stops

Re: Spotify takes forever to load and stops

Every single time I try to select a song it pauses for like 15-20 seconds. I've tried uninstalling, clearing the cache, doing both and making sure battery saver is off, nothing works. I know it's not my internet or my phone, as if I instead queue a song, then skip the song in on, it plays immediately. I took a video to show it. 


In the video, the second I select a song I start scrolling up and down as a signal to show that I did and that a song isn't playing. I show this a couple times, as well how it works just fine when you queue a song and then skip to it. I've barely been using the app for like 2 months now over this, yet spotify will still take my money every month anyway 🤮

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Hey there @horseprincess


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Would you mind logging in to your account on a different mobile device to see if the same happens? 


On another note, it's also worth trying with a different internet connection, for that purpose, you can try creating a hotspot on your phone and using that. 


Lastly, we saw in the screen recording that your phone is running out of storage space. Keep in mind that for optimum performance, we recommend having at least 1GB of free memory on your device.


Let us know how it goes.

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I don't have another device to try that on (but I do think it's likely an android only issue), and I also tried uninstalling after making sure I had plenty of space, then reinstalling and that didn't work either. It also isn't fixed with different internet, as I use my data, home wifi, and work wifi and it all is the same.   Also, I just noticed since I made that post that the bug seems to only be a thing in my liked songs. When I select a song from any other playlist or album it works fine.


Hi @horseprincess,


Thanks for keeping in touch and for trying out our recommendations.


We understand if you don't have another device to try it with, so in this case, you can start by trying with a different Spotify account on your device. You could as a relative or friend log in with their account on your device to check if they also experience the behavior. 


On another note, if you have an SD card on the device, try closing Spotify, remove the SD (leave it out while you try this), and try using Spotify again.


Lastly, send over the make/model and OS of the device along with the Spotify version you are currently running. 


We'll keep an eye out for your reply!

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