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Re: subscription

Re: subscription

Why on my android phone does it now say no internet connection available when I access the spotify app when there is an internet connection? Problem after problem
And yet I have paid for the premium service
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Hi!, So you have a Premium Subscription and you have checked that it is activated? When you open the Application on your device, it asks for login credentials, after you put the credentials in, and log in the application itself, you can see your playlists etc, but there is a text at the bottom of the screen saying "you are offline" ?

Are you connected to the internet via Wifi or 3G/4G (phone network)?

Is the internet connection working Ok on your device - as in can you open up websites etc?

You could try to go in to the applications properties, and check the offline mode on, and then logout - log back in and then set it online and logout, then re-login and see if it still says the same.

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