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Recommendations/suggestions are absolutely awful.

Recommendations/suggestions are absolutely awful.

I've been trying to use this service, but I can't get rid of songs that I REPEATEDLY click do not play again to, so I'm stuck here going around the same 30~50 songs spotify is throwing at me. It's so dumb that in order to teach this algorithm, I basically have to go to youtube (which laughably has a better suggestion algorithm than spotify I might argue), and find songs to add to my playlist because according to spotify support, the playlist is what matters (which did not seem to). And spotify really does not like trying. If I like one song, and didn't like another song from the same album, at least maybe try to see if there are some other ones that I might like? Nope, it has to play that one damn song that I press dislike on something like every 15 minutes because it's obscure ml categories thinks that I'm bound to like it. It is so focused on its dumb 'machine learning' algorithm, which is essentially just a cluster of metadata that COULD NOT exist without people who were trying new things. Spotify, please step up your game or at least consider buying out Pandora from Cyrius or whatever that other company was called. Your radio and recommendation algorithms are hopeless.


And don't you even try to tell me that I shouldn't be skipping songs that I liked in the past because that 'confuses' the algorithm. Really? Who's catering to who here? And it's asinine that you guys would really think that a person would enjoy listening to the same song 10 times a day. I know this wasn't a very constructive post, but I had to vent because I really want to take advantage of spotify's big library and other benefits, but what's the point if it can't get me the songs?


SO please buy Pandora out I'm serious they were a thousand times better than you guys.

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Yeah I agree, Spotifys predictions have gone**bleep**. Completely garbage.


This all started when they discontinued the "old" radio-function. I loved radio, the thumbs up and down worked nicely back then and I got introduced to previously unknown music that fit my taste well.


Now the radio is worthless, you get a set Playlist when trying to start artist radio, and it doesn't even fit the genre. I start a reggae Playlist and I get served a bunch of indie pop and folk rock in the mix. I mean... what?!


Thumbs up and down are gone and instead it's thumbs up and "block". Block does not even - as you say- remove the songs for more than a little while, and thumbing up songs doesn't help me get. More similar music it just adds the song to my library..


WHY are you doing this Spotify? Why remove remove perfectly good services and replace it with utter garbage? I thought and hoped that this was just a phase before transitioning to some kind of better radio, but it's been months and Spotify seems content with the way predictions/radio work right now.


I don't think we're left with much choice than to switch service providers. From what I hear YouTube Music has a much better prediction/radio service.


Would love to keep Spotify if they could go back/fix the predictions/suggestions, but right now I can not justify paying to listen to the same damn songs every day when I just want to discover some new tunes. 



Cmon guys ples

I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one in this. I used to use spotify a while ago, and remembered the radio being decent, but now it is just horrible. I really hope they try to figure this out :c

Yes, if they do not up their game in the next couple of months, I am out. Apple and other services are giving out free periods.

I have created a playlist because I would like to listen to exactly my chosen music, but Spotify adds recommendations randomly in the middle of my list! Why do you do that? It’s really annoying! Why do you think I would like to have recommendations at all? I haven’t asked for it!

Please stop with these stupid recommendations or create a voluntary tick-in-a-box feature for those who might want to have recommendations in their play-lists!


[In my case I have chosen 12h (over 200 songs in Swedish, Norwegian and English) of yule-songs (Christmas-songs) excluding songs who includes text about Jesus, to be sure to have a playlist free from the Christian made up reason of celebrating yule. I´m not Christian and I´m celebrating Yule for the original reason of celebrating the re-born of the sun at winter solstice (Like: Sol Invictus/Yalda/Yule/Jule/Jul) so this is important for me to have a list free from the Christian**bleep**! Spotify keeps on adding recommended songs including songs about Jesus in my list, so I have been forced to go through the list several times and deny all Spotify-recommendations. I´m really getting tired of this stupidity!]

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