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I had seen a thread on here but the issue was not solved so here I am.

This is only happening on one playlist of mine (so far). At the end of my one playlist on my Android phone, Spotify has the recommended Music feature where it shows a list of 5 songs that are similar to what's in your current playlist. The playlist being mentioned here contains a ton of pop/rap songs which I like to keep all in one place. 2 years ago on st. Patricks day, I added 2 irish drinking songs to the playlist so we could listen and be festive. After I added them, the recommended started suggesting Irish music and only Irish music along with some other obscure genres that do not relate to my playlist at all.


I have since removed the Irish songs from my playlist and have hit the refresh button on the recommended songs countless times only to be hit with the same inaccurate listings over and over again.


I can't believe I waited 2 years to mention this issue, but it's become very annoying.


The solution for this problem which I read in another thread was to simply create another playlist with the same music, HOWEVER, I have over 500 songs in the playlist and I will not be taking part in any sort of playlist migration mentioned above.


Please help! (Also uninstalling and reinstalling did not work)