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Reinstalling Spotify

Reinstalling Spotify

I have a android, galaxyou S7 (I am a Premium user) Recently songs have either stopped playing half way through or songs that I've had have been "unable to play". I've read reinstalling the app can fix this issue. My concern is will I lose my saved songs from my account. I don't mean the downloaded or playlists (I don't use them). Sense I know what I want to hear and just pick it out from my saved songs via artists tabs, I never saw the need to except for road trips. I just want to be sure I won't lose all my SAVED music due to the factime I've been a member for a long time and have many weeks in total, of not months invested into my music by Spotify. Please help :'( I miss my songs
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are the Artists under "your music"? if so then your fine with reinstalling Spotify.

Hi zachlee40!


Reinstalling the app should definitely fix your issue, but have you tried logging out and logging back in to your account as it may refresh your Spotify account? Restarting your phone may fix the issue as well before reinstalling the app.

When you reinstall the app though, all your saved music will be removed and you'll just have to sync them again. If you have a lot of saved music on your account, that would require ample time to sync, so it's better if you are connected to a WIFI.



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