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Release Notes - Spotify for Android (

Release Notes - Spotify for Android (

What's new in this version:
  • New: Now you can control playback from the notification area. Skip and be happy. Android version 4.1 and above.
  • Fixed: Some troublesome Facebook login issues.
  • Fixed: A bug that could cause a white screen just when you least expected it.
  • Improved: Radio performance.
  • Fictitious (or is it?): This app can be controlled using telepathy.



As always, if you're having trouble with an update, please always make sure to go through the [Android] Troubleshooting Spotify steps before posting

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Hi guys, you should find a new update in the Play Store that should help with some playback problems.


For common support questions, see
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Not trying to be a pain, just disseminating some advice that may help some people.


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Thanks Adam!


It's probably worth noting though, that there's already a comment on the play store saying that this latest update didn't resolve the "Spotify stopping when it's in the background" issue.


To anyone who's already updated, it's probably worth a shot, but for those of you who hadn't upgraded yet, or who have downgraded to the the previous version that didn't have that issue, it would probably be in your best interest to wait until further reports come in before upgrading.  Either that, or make sure your old version of spotify is backed up, so that you can reinstall it later, if you need to.

For me, the 0.5 version is saving the day, but there are issues there, too: from one day to the next, offline playlists won't play and are redownloaded without further message, error or explanation.

newest version fixes the stuttering playback issue for me - I was blaming my phone (as it has had issues before) and was considering changing it so the update has saved me some money (for the time being).   On the other hand, a version with such a major bug shouldn't have made it to release in the first place.

"New: Now you can control playback from the notification area. Skip and be happy. Android version 4.1 and above."


THANK YOU!!!!  I absolutely love this feature and have used it often.  /cheer

Is it just me, but I have to login again and again, everytime I open the app..

That shouldn't be happening. If you use the facebook login, do you have the latest facebook app on your android? Otherwise, try a clean reinstall of the spotify app.

@edga wrote:

Is it just me, but I have to login again and again, everytime I open the app..

I only use Spotify account to login to Spotify. I will try reinstalling but thought the update did that

There's one more thing that suddenly appeared. 


Let's say I've got Mobile Data on and I will download some songs. Next time I start Spotify without Mobile Data - all playlists are empty, even settings screen, I have to either ages for it to "kick in" or turn mobile data on. It looks like it needs a connection for something. Also the newly donwloaded tracks won't play. I tap them, the progress dot is moving (and time counter) but music is not playing.



I reinstalled numerous times. There's something seriously wrong. I download the playlist, but I still have to be connected to even play the song! Not to mention the blank screen now and then...

Since Spotify introduced tha landscape mode i suffer from massive battery drain listening music on- or offline. it doens't matter if im connected somehow to the internet or not.


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We just updated to version 0.6.6; you can give feedback here now.

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