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Release Notes - Spotify for Android (3.3.0)

Release Notes - Spotify for Android (3.3.0)



What's new in this version (3.3.0)


  • New: Say hello to our new colour. Nice, isn't it?
  • New: You remember how you sort your playlists. Now we do too.
  • Fixed: Some performance and stability issues.
  • Fixed: We’ve improved scrobbling with Facebook.
Community Ergo Sum
9 Replies

Since the new update my bluetooth connection when using Spotify keeps crashing. It works fine when using anything else. Any advice before I stop paying for premium?

Same problem here!! Bluetooth stops working!!


How difficult is to release a new version of an app without introducing new bugs? I mean... just TEST your apps before releasing it!! 


Spotify support is inexistent. If this continues this way I will cancel my premium account. If Spotify doesn't care about us why we should continue supporting them? I mean... this is capitalism. If Spotify goes down someone else will bring a better service.

when spotify runnig available for android ?

I can't listen to Spotify using the bluetooth connection with any device (car, speakers...) since this update.

I'm using a Samsung S3 with Android 4.3 and bluetooth connection is lost few seconds before a song ends and restablished few seconds after the next song starts!

I just got this service a few days ago. Since I have, every time I restart my phone my offline music gets deleted and I have to both go through the ludicrous hurdles you have to make it redownload to my SD card, and redownload all my selected music. 


Ive been logged off my phone because Ive "broken the 3 device rule" and had all my music deleted, even though I know that the devices I have authed are my phone and my laptop. When I checked I didnt have my laptop authed (but i was still logged in, go figure) and had 3 android phones. I suspect that you are duplicating this phone 3 times somehow, but I cant check because when I do you give me no unique information about that device (its IP, mac address, hell its user-chosen device name). I know you keep some too, given that the device name shows up on spotify connect. Go figure with this one.


Oh, and I have no clue how to get my personal music files onto my phone through your service. Its appallingly convoluted to make happen though if it is at all possible.




Exactly the same issue with a samsung S3

Near!y useless!

Hope it will give a work araoud or a way to go back to the old version!


So I see I'm not the only one with this bluetooth issue. It was extremely frustrating today in the morning while going for a jog. My bluetooth headphone got disconnected about 10 times. I thought it was a problem with the phone (also a Samsung Galaxy S3) but I tested uninstalling the app and the headphones worked fine again. I sent an e-mail and hope they fix this issue soon!


Is there a way to install an older version in the meantime?

I'm in contact with Support and all they suggest is to uninstall and reinstall the app, which of course is the first thing I did. I've done it 4 times already. Unpaired the headphones and paired them again. Even reset the phone to factory settings! Nothing. They really messed it up this time. It's so frustrating since I pay premium membership and now can't use spotify for a jog!


......... All I can say is just roll back to the last version that worked properly for you and ignore updates until its mentioned in the patch notes or the app on that version stops working. It just makes no sense to use the live version because its just worse in its features, service and reliability. The old builds are just better. 


So goddamn ass-backwards. 


Just search around for a version that works for you then google it and get an old apk mirror from a legit website. You'll have to turn on developer options for it to work though.

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