Remote control Spotify from Android

Remote control Spotify from Android


Hi People,


For days now I have been trying to find a usable app for controlling Spotify Premium with my Samsung Galaxy Plus. Without succes. Closest I got was with an app called 'spotimote' but after I installed the app and the server program for windows 7 it still doesn't work.


Can some one please help me? Spotify now thinks it is offline and the app is asking me to run the serverprogram (which I am!)


I also tried it after shutting down my firewall but that didn't help. 


I will now do what any windowuser does when uncertaintly prevails: REBOOT


I really hope I can get this to work. I love Spotify but having to get up from the sofa and walk the entire way to my pc to change the tunes is a bit much 😉





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Wireless keyboard/mouse?

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I haven't found a clean, reliable remote control app for Android either.


Spotimote kinda works but is a little picky and isn't very good at recognizing what's currently playing if it didn't start the track/playlist itself. (Plus the UI is ugly as sin.)


I also noticed it seems to return search results from ALL regions, not just yours, meaning the results might list 3 different versions of one album when only one of those is available for your region. Of course there's no way of telling which is the correct version for your region via the results page: you only find out when you click to play a track/album and nothing happens (unless you check the Spotify client on the PC, in which case you'll see it's displaying the track but giving you the "not available in your region" error).



I've also tried Unified Remote (actually the Full version), but that's hit-and-miss too. Search results are equally inconsistent, as is recognition of what's already playing if the remote itself didn't pick the track/playlist. It also has major problems recognizing some non-alphanumeric characters: at one point I could only see my first 5 playlists because the 5th included a character the app didn't like (only a colon or pound sign or question mark, or something), which garbled the remainder of that playlist and prevented any further lists from being displayed.



I've had much more luck with Remoteless on iOS but it's not available for Android yet. 😞


Edit:  Hold the presses! Just checked my own link and realized that Remoteless now has a new Android app. Downloading and testing later today. 🙂


Thank you for your comprehensive answer. I'll eagerly await your results in  testing this new app. Pls keep me posted 🙂


I have bith but either my monitor is too small or my room is too big  😉


I have looked at the app in Google App and to my dislike saw it was not free.... Not that I am a cheapskate and I don't mind paying for good things but I don't have a credit card and paypal is not a given option 😞


On a more serious note, this has been raised in the Ideas forum:

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence


'remoteless' now have an android version - that works well, though I can only directly access my itunes (ie owned) playlists - but can control another list if it is already playing. You can see the artwork of what is playing too - which is great.


The free version of Unified has a basic Spotify remote with volume, foward/back, pause/play, and stop buttons plus it tells you what is playing.  The advanced remote in the paid version doesn't work so well.  


Rdio has implemented this feature.


When you launch the client, if something is playing elsewhere with your account, local actions are executed on the client that is playing, and there is a "Play here" button.

That' an awesomme and really usefull feature.


Spotify shoud definetly implement that.


spotify people any news on this?

would be very nice with a reliable and simple remote control. also from android phone to android tablet! 🙂



I know it's not what you guys are looking for, but in the meantime I would suggest to use a VNC solution to remote control the Spotify desktop player from a smartphone. One I can recommend for Android is Jump Desktop. You can multitask easily. After some time, it will disconnect but reconnect automatically and fast.

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cool, thanks! will try that when I come home 😉


I would like to know about it.




Spotify Connect is slowly rolling out as a new feature from which you will be able to control other Spotify clients and Spotify Connect certified speakers directly. 


I've got a Connect speaker and it rocks!

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