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Remote volumen control?

Remote volumen control?

Hi my Tablet is connected to the amp and I use my phone to remote control the Spotify playing music on the tablet. But there is a big problem I can't change the volume remotely of the tablet through my phone. Its grate the future of spotify of remote control the spotify of another device but is useless without changing the volumen.


This feature of control the volumen you will implement it?









5 Replies

Hi. It isn't possible to control the volume setting of another mobile device, only partner hardware devices. I suspect this is due to the security layers of the mobile operating system.

Hi Spotify app can change the volume only they have to make it happen also in remote control. There is no technical issue to do it.

I would assume it would be possible on android, but probably not on iOS.

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My case is exactly the same. I don't understand why it is not possible to control the volume of the device where Spotify sounds, from another device that acts as a Remote Control. A Remote Control that does not control the volume is absurd, it does not make sense. Any solution?

Sorry! I found it!   It's very HIDDEN, look at the attached photo. (I suspect it's only for Premium users, although I'm not sure).


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