Remove Album Cover on Lockscreen

Remove Album Cover on Lockscreen




when Spotify is running the background on the lockscreen changes automatically to the album cover of the song. Sometimes it doesn't even change back to the system background when the app is closed. I don't like that feature. I want to see my background that i set all the time. I tried to turn off the notifications of spotify, but then the mini-player widget is removed too.


Is there a possibility to turn that feature off ?


I have a Samsung S 5 / Android 5.0.


Thanks for your help.



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Hi There,


This is actually a feature introduced by Google/Android and you'll notice the same behaviour with most applications which provide media cover art.


If the album artwork gets locked onto the lockscreen you can try force closing the Spotify app so that the hook into the lockscreen gets broken.

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Most apps with some form of cover art for their media utilize this feature. The simple solution here is to force close the app. 🙂

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