Remove 'Your heavy rotation' in Android Auto

Remove 'Your heavy rotation' in Android Auto



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Pixel XL

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Android 9


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Is it possible to remove or at least move down on home screen 'My heavy rotation' feature in Android Auto?

I'm using Pixel XL in my car and all works great, but since late last year 'My heavy rotation' pops up at the top of my home screen. previously I had there Daily mixes and discover weekly.

There are already number of posts here about questionable quality of 'My heavy rotation' feature and I really dislike it. It is never music I want to listen to. Usually it's filled with random stuff I listened to once or twice and it stays unchanged for weeks on time.

It was advised here to give it some time, so the machine will learn and present better selection, but after several months it's as useless as it was in the beginning. My question is why this feature occupies the best real estate on the screen in Android Auto - the top of the home screen? Why daily mixes and discover weekly have fallen out of favour with the developers? Please let us get rid of heavy rotation from AA, it will save thousands of clicks for thousands of drivers and even maybe prevent one or two road rage incidents 🙂

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