Remove certain songs download playlist

Remove certain songs download playlist







Ulefone Armor 5

Operating System

Android Oreo 8.1


My Question or Issue

When i download a playlist from another user i don't have to like all the musics, so i want to remove one or another song, i do not want to delete the other user musics, i want to choose that particulary song to not be donwloaded to be listen to when offline, i don't want to create one playlist of my own and have to download song by song, i think this was avaiable on older versions of spotify, don't know why isn't avaiable anymore!


Another thing is, some musics don't want to play when headphone jack is inserted, when using speaker is fine, headphone jack, it stops, one of them is this one; Grave by Summer Walker, this happens while i'm listening to a playlist, there ate are no changes, same audio volume same everything, it shuffles to this song plays not even a sec and stops, if i press play, it will play for not even a second and stop again, ii can not listen to this song with the headphone jack inserted, it plays fine by speaker, so when this happens the only option is to choose next music, and the next one will play fine..

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