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Removed downloads, still using a lot of storage

Removed downloads, still using a lot of storage

So I have been running low on storage space on my phone for a while now. I decided to go through and remove all the songs I had downloaded. So why is spotify still taking up roughly 2-3GB of storage?
Only thing I can think of, since I've removed all downloaded music is that the saved albums/playlists are taking up storage? But that doesn't make sense to me. It seems more likely that the downloaded music is still stored on my phone somewhere. Please help me **bleep**
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**bleep** what, I type the word L M A O and I got censored? Hahahaha that's wild

O M G got censored too wow spotify. What a time to be alive

Stop bleeping - this is a family-friendly community with no age restriction. When you "undownload" music, theoretically, android OS is supposed to reclaim the space in time but this doesn't seem to happen for most of us. As you have removed all your downloads, the easiest way to free up space is to go to spotify's settings and select "clear cache and saved data" at the very bottom. You'll need to log in again but the cache should be smaller.

Note that, as well as downloads, spotify also caches songs you stream to save bandwidth if you listen to the same song again in the future.

I wasn't cursing haha, literally the words that got bleeped were o m g and l m a o.
I don't know how those could possibly be considered offensive or censor worthy

But thank you so much for that answer, it did solve my issue, although it cleared all of my saved music, so I've lost basically everything I had lol

The auto-censor is a mysterious beast 🙂

You shouldn't have lost any playlists or music you have added to your library (saved). If everything is missing, the most likely rreason is that you logged back in with the wrong credentials and created a second, empty account. Try logging out and back in with the username which is shown on your premium receipt. If it is a 10 digit number, you should use the "log in with facebook option". Shout if you have any other issues 🙂

Having a storage issue as well. Something about “Other Apps” is taking up like 56G, don’t know what that’s about, I removed all downloads, still there. Idk how to fix it

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