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Removing lockscreen widget

Removing lockscreen widget

Is there any way to remove the lockscreen widget? I can't remove it manually and can't find any settings in the spotify app to remove it. 

If there really isn't a way to remove it inside the app, this really should be added. I use dash clock as my main lockscreen widget and it has all the information i need, even spotify. 


Anyone that can help?

6 Replies

There's no setting in spotify to do disable the  lock screen widget and no other way to do this without disabling all lock screen widgets using the lockscreen policy app. In any event, I don't think that dashclock will replace your main lock screen and you will always need to swipe to see it unless I missed something.

I am running Android Revolution HD based on the google version of the HTC and I have actually removed the main clock and I am currently using dash clock on the main screen. The thing is that even if I didnt do that I dont enjoy the spotify widget and would like to be able to disable it.

This needs to be addressed, or I will be removing myself from spotify services indefinitely. Numerous bugs and failures are simply too much for a service that I pay monthly for. As a customer if I wish to remove the widget from my lock screen, so that I may listen to music while my device is in my pocket without randomly skipping songs, my needs must be met or the service guaranteed to me IS NOT BEING PROVIDED.


Im fed up with your service, staff, and ideals. FIX THE ANDROID ISSUES. i've been a paying customer for years now and I'm simply through waiting for that day when you give me the full service I pay for. 

What 13371337 is saying is so true! The issue does need to be adressed, it is very frustrating!

I did a quick scan of the Ideas section but can't see that anyone has requested for such a feature to be added to the android app. If you think there's a demand for it, post an idea and, if it gets enough support, Spotify might look at it.

I just suggested this as a new idea. It's completely ridiculous that there is not a toggle for this feature.


Also, the lockscreen policy app mentioned above does not disable the Spotify widget.

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