Repeat Issues with Queue and Continuous "Radio" After Queue Expires


Repeat Issues with Queue and Continuous "Radio" After Queue Expires

Casual Listener

Premium account, cancelled once before because of these issues, will cancel again if not resolved. Have tried uninstalls, clearing cache/data, and other "solutions" provided by the dismissive staff on these forums.


Issue 1: I'm running into constant issues with the Queue system that appear to be flawed software design. An example is when I queue up Eyehategod's self-titled (2014) album, while the radio is already playing random **bleep** (something I wish I could turn off, turning off autoplay doesn't fix this), if I skip to next to start playing the album I queued, it briefly flashes the first song and album art, and then immediately skips back to the stupid radio.


This isn't the only album this has happened with before.


Issue 2: On various days, albums that I listened to on the previous day suddenly "cannot be added to queue".


Issue 3: Additionally, there is NO WAY to turn off the auto-play **bleep** where after the queue finishes, it just starts blaring unrelated stuff. The "Autoplay" option has been off, but doesn't change a single thing. All I want to do is select a damned album, play the album, and then when the album is over for it to go to nothing until I choose something else.


Issue 4: Another issue, when trying to go backwards to a previous track, it almost always does the following: Skip back to the auto-play radio, skip forward past the queued track that was skipped back from.


Issue 5: Why is it that some albums, I can hold my finger on the album, the menu pops up, and "Add to Queue" is right there, where other albums I have to select "Go to full Album", click the 3 dots at the top right, and then select "Add to Queue"? Where is the consistency?


Why is this service so riddled with issues? I paid for the service before, cancelled because of unresolved issues, came back for a trial nearly a year later, and the issues are still existent. Each time I look on the forums, I see moderators posting links to other "solutions" that don't work and stupid workarounds like a "blank playlist" that you have to manually queue to stop the auto-play radio nonsense. When will these "features" you've incorporated be fixed?


All. I. Want. To. Do. Is. Play. Albums. On. Demand.

I want to be able to skip back a track.

I want to be able to turn off the auto-play nonsense.

I want the queue to actually WORK reliably.


Why should I continue paying for a service that advertises its ability to play albums on demand, but makes the process of doing so tedious and annoying beyond what the cost of the subscription is worth? I previously went back to buying individual albums, ripping them to MP3 if necessary, and using Media Monkey to play them back as it gave me GREATER control over what I wanted and didn't want to listen to. Want to freely move back and forth in an album? Easy, 100% flawless. Want to add an album to the front of the playlist and immediately play it? Easy. Want to queue up a song as the next one? Equally easy. Want to queue up stuff at the end? Also easy. Want it to stop playing music after the album is over? Just make sure looping is turned off.


How is it that a subscription based service is more annoying to work with then a $5 app?