Repeat one song volume on android app


Repeat one song volume on android app


I'm a premium Android user in the US with app on a Google phone and a Samsung tablet.  In a recent update, the "repeat one song" button on playlists disappeared.  The normal button that toggled from "no repeat" to "repeat playlist" to "repeat song" no longer toggles to "repeat song".


Answers say to go to the top right elipsis next to the song title to find the "repeat song" buttong.   There are even screen shots showing this.  This isn't on my version.  The three dots are vertical, not horizontal as in the screen shots, and the screen they take me to also only has the "repeat playlist" option, not the "repeat song" option.


The app says it was updated about an hour ago.  I closed and reopened it, to be sure, but still no "repeat song" option.


When will this be fixed on all versions of the app?