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Repeated pausing with Bluetooth

Repeated pausing with Bluetooth

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Samsung Galaxy S9

Operating System

Android 8.1


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My music keeps pausing over and over when I listen with Bluetooth. I have not been able to test with wired headphones. Sometimes it will go minutes between pauses, but other times it is immediately after unpausingIt even happens with the app open


Edit: tested with wired headphones, same issue


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Hi @m9199, welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you're having issues with Bluetooth playback! In this instance, I recommend that you perform a clean reinstallation of Spotify on your device. You can find the steps to do this in this article.


If those steps don't work, it may be an issue with your bluetooth device disconnecting, as playback usually pauses when the device is having connectivity issues.


Hope this helps! Have a lovely day.

I did what you suggested and the issue cleared up for a few days, but the problem is back now with tw pair of wired earbuds, the problem persists. I should note that all of these devices have inline remotes.

Edit: I just discovered that even the built in speakers have the issue.

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