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Roll-out connect functionality?

Roll-out connect functionality?

As I understood the roll-out of the connect functionality will be gradually.
Can anybody tell me how far this is and when it should be rolled-out to everybody?

I still don't have the connect functionality, and I'm dying to get it!

I have the latest version of Spotify on several android devices ( and all devices are in the same network.
Where the speaker icon is supposed to be there is an empty space; so also not a greyed-out speaker icon either.

I live in The Netherlands, perhaps the roll-out is also per region?

Thank you for any help and information!

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These rollouts are normally on a user basis. No idea how far it's got as Spotify don't share such information with us.

I'm also dying to get Connect, as I use Android and iOS (and Mac desktop) versions daily. 


By the way, will Connect work with Desktop <-> Mobile, or only Mobile <-> Mobile? Ie., will I be able to control my iPad from my computer?

Desktop Connect is coming but I doubt it will start rolling out until they finish with iOS and android.

YES!!! Connect has finally arrived!


Congrats and enjoy ☺

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