SD Card Problem


SD Card Problem


I bought a Micro SD card just so I can download songs on Spotify. It was completely problem-free and I used it for almost a year. Now I've switched to a newer phone and I used the same SD Card for almost a month.


But suddenly 2 days ago I got an error that says: "Poor SD Card Performance".After this error appeared I was not able to open Spotify properly; it was slow and did not play any songs. When I remove the SD Card from my phone there was no problem.


 After this problem, I've formatted my SD Card and now when I try to use it I am able to open and use Spotify but under the "storage" section I can not choose Device Storage or SD Card. It just says "Checking..." and it is stuck.


If anyone can help me that'd be great.


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Re: SD Card Problem

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Hello, Thanks for getting in touch! Could you try a quick re-installation and format your SD card once more? If you could also remove all Offline devices from the following page, that will reset some things. If this doesn't help, could it be that something is up with your SD card. Do you have the chance to try a different SD card to see if the same thing happens? Hope the reinstallation helps. Let us know if you have further questions. Have a nice day

Re: SD Card Problem

Thanks for you reply but it did not work. It says SD Card read/write
performance poor". Obviously it has got something to do with SD Card. It is
probably damaged.

Anyway thanks again for trying to help...

Re: SD Card Problem


Hey there @Kaanvr,


Thanks for getting back in touch and adding these details.


In this case, we'd recommend checking the following:

  • Your SD card is available and accessible.
  • Your SD card is formatted as portable. 
  • Your SD card isn't encrypted.

If you're still having troubles, we'd suggest trying with another SD card.


If another SD card does the trick, it'd be a good idea checking the original SD card for errors. You can find more info on how to do that with your original card based on instructions from your card's manufacturer.


Hope this helps further! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you need more help.


Have a lovely day :)

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